The 2% Mindset: Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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We have discussed the 2% mindset before, but how do you become a part of it?

Well, let us start with a definition. The 2% Mindset is a theory (and a fact) that states that only 2% of people are living life without limits. Individuals who belong to the 2% Mindset are those who say “yes” to opportunities, live outside of their comfort zone, and pursue their dreams with great success. In fact, that mere 2% accounts for 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs!

An Example

To join the ranks of the 2% Mindset, you must learn to live outside of your comfort zone. Instead of working a day job, start a business – even if one on the side. Don’t know how to start a business? Learn! That is what 2% “Mindsetters” do: they look for ways to do something new and exciting, and when they are unable to do it on their own, they are willing to take the time and effort to learn it.

The Best Advice

The best advice is to begin changing your mindset. Taking the above example, starting a business can be the most exhilarating experience of your life; it may also tire you to the point of burn-out. But a 2% Mindsetter would look at this challenge as an adventure rather than a chore. That is because these individuals need to be constantly engaged by life, and through whatever means.

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Be Uncomfortable

If you are part of the remaining 98%, you need to learn how to be uncomfortable in your decisions. That is the key to the 2% Mindset: stepping out of your comfort zone, regardless of what the situation may be. Of course, recognize red flags and warning bells, but take a lesson from the movie, “Yes Man”: say yes to everything, as when you say “yes” you open the door for possibilities. That is the ultimate way to live life: doing so much with your day that you open up doorways that lead to even more doorways!

Why Uncomfortable?

Why is being uncomfortable necessary in this transition to a 2% Mindsetter? It is because as human beings we are hardwired to pursue safety, meaning comfort. However, this instinct is based on the primordial portion of the brain that is trying to protect you from harm and to ensure survival. But in our world, this instinct can actually hold a lot of a person’s potential for expansion. If you want a better life with a better outcome (and therefore, a better future), you have to ignore this survival instinct and start looking at life as an endless plethora of opportunity!

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Want Help?

Check out to access our module: “Learn To Say ‘Yes’ To Opportunities,” and contact us if you wish to receive help in becoming a 2% Mindsetter. We are always available to assist, and we are professionals who all live by the 2% Mindset principle, so you are in good hands. You may also reach us at if you require immediate assistance.

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