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iLookin.com is a one-stop, online training and recovery solution for your self-help concerns. Watch the quick video to find out more.

iLookin.com Features

Clinical rigor awaits
Courses are based on research and are evidence based, all you need to do is bring the motivation and desire to be your best self.
A library of resources
All located in one place waiting for you – claim your personal development, peer engagement and self-guided exploration in order to become your best self.
Ease of Access
No matter where people live, our members can login at any time and choose the support that works for them
Round-the-clock growth opportunity
iLookin.com is a digital platform with 24-hour access
Member Anonymity
We make it easier for people to talk about their life by offering complete anonymity
Basic and Advanced
Different levels of courses to meet your stage of development
Become part of the 2%
Only 2% of the population actually achieve their life dreams. iLookin.com helps you become one of them.
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How iLookin.com Works

Users have access to online self-development courses, daily challenges, the iLookin community, and self-help resources! Pick from established categories to assist you along your personal development path.  And, by taking on the daily challenge, your achievements grow exponentially. Click a development path below to see an example exercise or scroll down to learn more.


Health & Fitness

Personal Development

Emotional Support

Addiction & Recovery


iLookin.com Philosophy

It is our belief that there are four major self-help components that impact one’s ability to grow and evolve. Each plays a vital role in personal development and research indicates that when one component is missing, growth rates drop significantly. 

Health & Fitness

Information that assists people to reach a solid understanding of what is happening physically to themselves in regards to their level of health and fitness.


Resources that encourage an understanding of what is happening in the mind related to the mental and emotional state of the individual along with exercises for adjustments.

Brain and Behavior

Techniques that incorporate change agents to further an understanding of what is happening in the brain as it maps the pathways for habit formation.

Desire and Motivation

Desire concentrates more on a longing for something to be in some way or on achieving something one wants, while motivation is the force that keeps one moving forward to the goal.

iLookin.com has assembled a library of courses, challanges and resources that are evidence and research-based to assist you along your personal development path. When you take the time and effort to incorporate these materials into your life, personal development happens! The first 3 components are already built into our programming – the last component is up to you

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Getting started is easy. Simply create an account and start your self development journey by starting a course, taking on a challenge, or engaging in the iLookin.com community.

iLookin.com Subscription Includes:

By signing up with iLookin.com you gain access to all development courses, daily challenges, hand-picked self-help resources, and the iLookin Community forum, where you can find like minded individuals to engage with.

Membership Fee

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