On peace, Sharon Wegscheider stated: “Peace Is felt when all things seem to fit together and there is a sense of order in the bigger world of things and our place in it…

Feelings of peace are times of healing.” What, then, do we need to do in our day to day life to gain peace within? How do we combine our inner feelings and our outer environment in such a way that peace is not only obtained but maintained? iLookin.com can help answer this question!


Getting our mind, body, and soul to be working in conjunction is extremely important. Staying positive about our present and being aware of each moment in time is helpful. Making sure we eat nutritiously and avoid placing chemicals into our system that are harmful is beneficial. Communing with nature soothes us in rewarding ways.



How do we make time to be in a peaceful state on a daily basis? Can you afford a 15-minute break merely sitting peacefully? Enjoying the solitude of the moment and feeling the serenity of all that surrounds you….even in chaos. Deep relaxation provides us with a sense of peace. Allowing for time and space from the stressors of daily life enables us to reach a sense of peace. Peace within.


Time and space may simply look like being awake while others in the home are sleeping, observing a sunrise or sunset, relaxing by water, laying in the sunshine, listening to your favorite music, the purr of your pets while stroking happens, or the soft voice of a loved one. It is up to each of us to find our own peace within. The time to begin is now.


“If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.” – Marvin Gaye

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