They say reverse psychology works in mysterious ways, so let’s try something new. Instead of posting 5 steps to success like everybody else,

They say reverse psychology works in mysterious ways, so let’s try something new. Instead of posting 5 steps to success like everybody else, I am instead going to tell you the way not to be a success, and hope it allows the cerebellum to replicate a few brain cells this evening.



Step 1: Avoid entropy at all costs.

    If you want to be unsuccessful, you have to learn to obey the rules and remain obedient to the way others do things. In other words, always follow and never lead. Leaders are often extroverted, arrogant individuals who, more often than not, account for only around 2% of the population (see our post on the 2% Mindset) but accomplish in resolving (and creating) 90% of the world’s problems and solutions combined. At all costs, do not disrupt the establishment; it will only lead to being a part of that 2%, and who wants that? Remain quiet at all costs!


Step 2: Believe that success is hard.

Did you know that success is hard? Of course, ou did. But many people – strong, individualistic and militant-minded people – know the truth, which is that success is easy. If you want something that is hard, try remembering every state’s location on a map. Go nuts. The truth is, success is an easy thing to grasp; all you have to do is trust your gut and do it with great urgency. But of course, no one wants that. To be a part of the few who believe success is attainable even under the worst circumstances is to be a part of the “out” crowd, right?



Step 3: Give up when the going gets tough.

When the stink hits the fan, some people run and some people stay. By all means, grab your s**t and run! This is the best way to be unsuccessful, and probably the easiest one, too. It basically involves giving up when the exertion of life is too much to tolerate. Those who put up with that which is tough, often end up proving even themselves wrong (or right), and who wants the risk of such uncertainty? You better start running, or you may be successful next time you stand up to a problem and face it like a man!


Step 4: Know when it is time to shut your mouth.

    All great leaders have one thing in common: they are persistent. If that means never stopping and never silencing, they will do just that. A quitter (like what we want to accomplish based on this blog, in conjunction with the 2% Mindset theory). To be unsuccessful, do the right thing and keep your mouth shut – even when you know something is wrong! You must not allow yourself to speak your mind; your voice is not meant to be heard. You are meant to be ordered around and not only walked on, but quite literally walked over. Otherwise, you’re part of that two percent of successful people we talked about. You don’t want that greatness, now do you?



Step 5: Accept your limitations.

    Last but not least, accept you are only human and are limited in your abilities Otherwise, you will push yourself to progress to greater heights, and you will also learn that it is not only easy to do but also rather fun to accomplish! Who wants that? If you do, then check out our website and make sure to sign up for a few courses, as they teach how to be a successful person. Otherwise, stay away from that website, because once you start, you won’t be able to stop until you are a successful person!


    Take care.



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