Always remember something: life is easy. Though that may not seem the case to many, it is a matter of mindset and perception.

I have worked with hundreds of clients who feel life is getting the best of them. My job is to change their mindset, their beliefs, and their way of thinking. I had a client who had lost a job and was struggling to see that it is not a difficult decision to make. When you lose a job, sure, that is not what many would consider easy. But look at the actual process of it. If you lose a job, what is your next step? Obviously, find a new job. Do you see how easy that decision in itself is? If you get turned down from a very important interview, your next move is easy: find a second interview.


The Decision Process

If you can see life in this manner, you will never struggle again. I am not saying that you are guaranteed a new job, but take a look at the decision process you must take in order to progress forward. Lost job —> period of transition —> find a new job. How hard is that? It may take you months or even years to find a new job, and unemployment or lack thereof is going to be hard. Of course, that is part of life. But then take a step back. You need money.



Formula For Success

So, lost job —> look for new job —> find a way to earn income – any form if income, even if it means selling things while you search for a job —> find new job —> do twice as much work this time than you did last time, to guarantee you do not lose it again. Again, easy transition. Once again, this is not the case most of the time, but just remember that your mindset is responsible for how you deal with a situation. If you were smart, you had saved up a nest egg in case of a scenario such as this. If not, now you have learned that even when you feel you are secure, do not spend as much this time. Save some money. And remember that this is coming from me – a Life Coach and Business Consultant who, despite what you may think, does not make much.


Life Is Easy!

Therein lies another situation. What if you cannot find a new job? You have at least one skill that you can use to make money off of, even if just enough to survive while searching for an interview somewhere. I will end with that. Lost job? Find a new job. Easy. Did your marriage fail? Sign the divorce papers, move on, find a new person to love (or avoid love altogether). Easy. Life is hard, and life is cruel and most important of all, it is unpredictable. However, if you can see that the processes of such unpredictable behavior are easy to avoid (ask yourself why you lost your job or why your marriage failed), you will succeed. Always.


P.S. It took me 12 seconds to find the image for this post. Easy…

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