What Is The 2 Percent?

     The 2 Percent is defined by iLookin.com as: “Individuals who take chances, seek risks, say yes to new opportunities, and because of this mindset, they succeed.” These individuals do not wait for an opportunity to present itself; they create their own opportunities. Whether in the field of entrepreneurship, personal growth or simply as members of what is considered an “elite club,” iLookin, a personal development website,  and its staff represent the 2 Percent mindset and we can help you get there, too.

What About The Other 98 Percent?

     The 98 Percent go through life waiting for a big break, but never truly achieving their full potential. They work day in and day out without guidance often unaware of where they are headed. They may live happy, simple lives, but when an opportunity presents itself for advancement or personal growth, they shun the idea of extra work.  Instead of embracing an opportunity, they look down on it and even run from it.

How Do I Become A 2 Percent Elite?

     Do you want to be part of the 2 Percent?  If so you have that opportunity right here, right now.  iLookin.com has specific online Goals devoted to helping you see that there is hope for becoming a 2 Percent Elite person!  We welcome you to Ask An Advisor so that a proper curriculum of personal development can be established. There is no extra charge, we already have the self-help resources; we just want to help you reach this pinnacle.

How Do I Get Started?

     Sign up right here, right now! Send a message via the Ask An Advisor portal about becoming part of the 2 Percent and the process will start!. Remember these words from Martin Luther King, Jr.: “There is nothing worse in this world than sincere ignorance and conscientiousness stupidity.” In other words, there is no worse thing in this world than living under the radar, avoiding opportunities to succeed, and doing so in a manner of purposefulness. So,“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat!  Just get on.”  says Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO. You have a chance to become part of the 2 Percent. Sign in, reach out and get to it!

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