I want to make mention that yes, I am CEO and Founder of iLookin.com, but that is not why I am writing this.

Rather, it is because I have come to realize that this company has been a self-proclaimed internship, sponsored by the lovely group of investors we have so rapidly acquired. Why has this been the experience of a lifetime? It is because of you – all of you – who have made the company a success. I have learned so much from all of you, and have cherished the moments since we met. This company started in 2015. That’s almost three years of blood, sweat, and tears put into a company that began as a single, one-page document outlining an idea I had.

It Was Originally Called…

There is a funny story behind the name, iLookin. We started off calling this company “PEPChat,” but upon searching for domain names we came to realize that PEPChat.com was already taken by a pornographic website (you read correctly). Why they would need the name “PEPChat” is beyond our cognizance, however, we had to switch directions and call it “iLookin.” From that point onward, we pushed hard – harder than I have ever had to push myself.

Positive Psychology

Because this company was founded on the principles of positive psychology, it took a lot of hard work to maintain this identity. Positive psychology is the practice of therapy and counseling but focusing on a more humanistic appeasement. In other words, whereas a psychologist will tell you to take medication to cure depression, positive psychologists would give you instructions on how to handle depression without the need for medication. Does that mean that individual does not legitimately need medication? Nope. That person might rightfully need medication, but this is beside the point.


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An Internship To Remember

When I first met Meg and Fran, of whom I partnered with around July of 2015, I had no idea where this ride would take me. We found the development team; we began putting together the content you find in the “Goals” section; we formulated our marketing strategy. Having owned and operated numerous companies in my past, I have to say that this was the first glimpse of a real company. We had an accountant; we had an attorney; we had therapists, psychologists, and everything in between. It became less of a job and more of an internship for me. I would love to say that this company stands for something more, but to me, it is solely based on experience, which is something iLookin.com promotes – experience is essential to a good life, and balance comes from the ability to take risks and try new things.

The Point?

The point of this blog entry is the following: take chances, post on LinkedIn your ideas for a new company, product, or service, and know that success is easy to attain. You just have to trust your instincts and be willing to expose yourself in a way like never before. This company saved my life by providing me a new outlook on things, a new perspective to cherish, and knowing that two psychologists saw potential not only in the idea of iLookin.com but also in me. To see potential in someone is a powerful thing, yes, but to take action to prove that potential is another story, and if done right, it will leave you breathless

Continue onto www.iLookin.com and see it how I see it: it isn’t just a website; it’s an opportunity come true.


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