Health & Fitness Exercise

It is said that great health and fitness is the key to great happiness.
iLookin has a vast array of exercises that will help you examine and improve your health and fitness at a pace that is comfortable for you.
In this sample iLookin health and fitness exercise we’re going to take 5 minutes to educate you about stress and examine your personal stress levels.
Watch this 40 second video to get started…
We have 7 simple questions for you to answer. Please answer the questions with a Yes or No.

I worry a lot, especially about things I cannot control:   Yes    No
I have been sleeping too much or too little lately:   Yes    No
I have been having abrupt mood changes:    Yes   No
I have developed new physical problems (diarrhea, constipation, body aches):   Yes    No
I rely on comfort foods, alcohol, tobacco or drugs to “settle my nerves”:   Yes    No
I am feeling overwhelmed and having difficulty concentrating:   Yes    No
I am increasingly restless, biting my nails or grinding my teeth:   Yes    No

Engaging Developmental Paths

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